Il Poggiolo

8 E 1st St, Hinsdale, IL 60521, Phone number (630) 734-9400

Italian wine bars are always an excellent option when our Chicago Party Buses customers are out and about with us, and when you're in the Hinsdale area in one of our vehicles, you just might want to ask your chauffeur to take you to the one and only Il Poggiolo! This is a truly ideal spot if you're after a modern experience that is elegant and beautiful. The service is always wonderful here, just so caring and attentive. You'll want to note that this place does get quite loud with conversation and laughter, but you'll likely be generating quite a bit of that as a party bus group! Our favorite drink on the menu is the strawberry balsamic martini! Love the pasta here.

Fox's Restaurant & Pub

777 N York Rd, Hinsdale, IL 60521, Phone number (630) 734-1400

Fox's Restaurant & Pub is a nice classic choice for our Chicago Party Buses customers in the Hinsdale area. They always serve up delish pizza and that's something that a whole lot of our partygoers mention when we ask them why they always request this place. We were very familiar with the original Fox's location and we're happy to say that they have replicated everything in a completely superb way here! There are tons of family-friendly things going on here on any given day, including face painting and balloon animals, so if you happen to have an all-ages group in the party bus, the kiddies will definitely be glad that you chose this place! Cozy and cool.


29 E 1st St, Hinsdale, IL 60521, Phone number (630) 590-5655

Mexican food is at its very best at CiNe in the Hinsdale area for our Chicago Party Buses customers who are craving their famous chicken enchiladas and salsa verde! Yummo! The veggie tacos are also really delicious and we're hooked on their creamy guacamole! We love the fact that they have a nice bar here where you can sit and chill and enjoy some cocktails either before or after your meal. The margaritas are of course a very nice choice but they've got everything here so your options are unlimited. If you manage to save enough room for dessert, try the churros with chocolate! Mmm! Note that they close down between lunch and dinner.


18 E 1st St, Hinsdale, IL 60521, Phone number (630) 654-8880

Nabuki is a really ideal choice for Chicago Party Buses partygoers who are rolling through the Hinsdale area and craving amazing Japanese food and sushi! Sitting at the bar is our top recommendation as you'll be able to chat it up with the sushi chef and find out what the freshest sashimi and roe choices are that day. The plating is so elegant and beautiful here that you just might enjoy that just as much as the food itself. The crazy jalapeno app is our favorite thing to start off with, nice and fiery hot! The spicy scallop rolls are delish too, and how about the soft shell crab? Oh, we could go on and on about the amazing fresh flavors here! Love it!

Egg Harbor Cafe

777 N York Rd, Hinsdale, IL 60521, Phone number (630) 920-1344

Egg Harbor Cafe is well-known in the Hinsdale area for their incredible breakfasts and brunches, and Chicago Party Buses would not hesitate to recommend this one to you anytime you are cruising through this area with us! They've got fresh orange juice as well as fresh strawberry orange juice here, and we just love both. The banana bread french toast is one of our favorite things to nosh on while we're there. The hot chocolate with whipped cream is a surprising breakfast/brunch essential, and it goes so well with some fruit-topped waffles or pancakes! They've got a wide array of coffee flavors to choose from as well! Nice!