As a parent, you find that you're often faced with difficult decisions, and especially during those high school years. Your child has grown up quick, and you're not sure where the time has gone! One thing you're sure of, however, is the need to keep your son or daughter as safe as possible. Another thing is for sure, it seems like the list never ends when it comes to things you have to pay for in high school! School dances are one of those items on the list, but we're here to give you an option that saves you money and worries!

Your son or daughter is going to need a ride to their Chicago prom or Chicago homecoming, it's just a matter of how they'll get there. There's always the option of riding with you in your minivan, but that option might be met with a look of disgust from your teenager. The truth is, the last thing they want is to pull up to their prom or homecoming in Chicago with their mom as the driver! There's always the option of driving with a friend, as well, but as a parent, you don't want your child riding with anybody you haven't driven with yourself, and we understand that.

You'll be glad to know that there's a better option for transporting your son or daughter to their school dance! Have you ever thought about renting a Chicago party bus for your child's prom or homecoming in Chicago? We know that it seems like a costly option, but when the price is split between the teenagers, it comes out to be a per person rate that's easy to accomplish. There's no questions about it, a Chicago party bus offers safety, convenience, and style for your child's Chicago prom or homecoming.

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Party buses in Chicago come with a long list of features that teenagers absolutely love, which makes them a great option for their next school dance. For example, teenagers are infatuated with the ambient neon lighting throughout all surfaces, high quality televisions with DVD inputs, subwoofer equipped stereo systems with iPod/MP3 capabilities, ice filled refreshment areas, wraparound leather seating, dance floors, tinted windows, and much more. Teenagers have a great time with all of these amenities, so you're sure to become the coolest parent in Chicago when you rent a party bus for their next school dance.

One of the best things about renting a Chicago party bus for your child's prom or homecoming is the fact that you'll never have to worry about their safety. We've all heard horror stories about drunk driving during these times, but it can be easily avoided with a professional chauffeur behind the wheel. We'll take your son or daughter and their friends only to places that you've specified as safe, so you'll never have questions about their whereabouts when they're with us. It's a win-win situation, no matter how you look at it. At the end of the night, your son or daughter will be safe at home, and you'll have a night of peace to yourself!

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