Jorge Fajitas

405 E 159th St, Harvey, IL 60426, Phone number (708) 333-6600

Jorge Fajitas is a truly high quality place for you and your party bus group to choose when you are coming through the Harvey area with Chicago Party Buses. This is just an all-around amazing spot to eat and drink, with some of the tastiest fajitas around, a wonderful ambiance that is so inviting and warm, and an incredible selection of tequila that will impress even the most experienced tequila drinker! Love it. By the way, this is the place that used to be called Las Fajitas, so if you were familiar with it under that guise, come back and try the new! The service is absolutely fantastic. They're open until 10 most nights and 7 on Sundays. Good stuff!

Beggars Pizza

369 E 147th St, Harvey, IL 60426, Phone number (708) 333-2900

Beggars Pizza is a great pizza joint and sports bar that Chicago Party Buses customers can never get enough of, and we highly recommend this particular location for those who want to watch the game and gobble down some delicious pizza. This is a wonderful addition to the Harvey area and we're sure glad it's there. The delicious yellow crust will bowl you over and we would highly recommend the deep dish with sausage! The parm and hot pepper seeds that they give you on the side really pizzazz it up a notch and we appreciate that! Fun place to chill and watch the game with friends, to sing karaoke, or to have a private party!

Arnie's Pizza

85 W 147th St, Harvey, IL 60426, Phone number (708) 331-8000

Another favorite pizzeria of Chicago Party Buses is Arnie's Pizza, very conveniently located for our travelers in the Harvey area. The old fashioned sign outside and the awesome vibe just keep us coming back for more. This is the place to go for thin crust pizza in this area, and we love the fact that the sauce is just sweet enough to really bring out the flavors of the delicious gooey cheese and the fresh toppings. They're open until 3 every single night so you can consider this your prime late night pizza destination in the area. Great shrimp baskets too, and how about that catfish? Arnie's has definitely got the hungry Chicago Party Buses traveler covered!

Larry's of Harvey

295 E 147th St, Harvey, IL 60426, Phone number (708) 225-1779

Chicago Party Buses loves Larry's of Harvey, and so should you! This is a fun bar that is very laid back and inviting, always playing good music, and always with the friendliest staff members that will make you feel like a treasured member of the family rather than just a customer in their bar. We love the fact that they play a lot of old school R&B and funk music here, as that's our particular fave and it's kind of hard to find places that gravitate toward that instead of top 40. Fun place to dance and let it all hang out. No reason to ever feel uncomfortable or inhibited here. It's all about relaxation, chilling out, and living it up! Very highly recommended!

Abundant African Restaurant

17429 S Center St, East Hazel Crest, IL 60429, Phone number (708) 960-4816

Abundant African Restaurant is a Nigerian establishment that will absolutely knock your tastebuds out with the incredible flavors that they have in store for you. The owner's name is Bola Olurinola and she is also the chef! She's fabulous to meet and to talk with, and you'll certainly want to do that when you're dining here with Chicago Party Buses. We love the dim vibe here that is perfect for our party bus guests, and they have a wonderfully stocked bar for you to enjoy too, plus televisions to watch some sports. There's party space here as well for your private get togethers. We recommend the egusi, the fish rolls, and the meat pies, and Scotch eggs too!