Greens Oaks

Fatman Bowl

13860 Rockland Rd, Green Oaks, IL 60044, Phone number (847) 362-1623

Fatman Bowl is considered a top choice for anyone looking for a great experience around Green Oaks area of Illinois with Chicago Party Buses. Some places give you that best-of-both-worlds combination of bar and restaurant, but this one gives you the best-of-three-worlds experience, with a restaurant, bar, and bowling alley! Smart and fun, just the kind of place that the person who would plan a party bus trip will appreciate! They've got all of your classic bar favorites to nosh on while you avoid gutter balls and try for strikes, and you will certainly have a very pleasant time here when you're hanging with your travel group!


515 N Milwaukee Ave, Libertyville, IL 60048, Phone number (847) 367-6168

This selection goes to very cool bar and restaurant that people in the area can't stop talking about. The Green Oaks area is certainly blessed to have a wonderful spot like this within arm's reach. The food is just out of this world, including really fabulous grass fed burgers that will satisfy even the pickiest taste buds, fried asparagus that's so fresh and crisp that you won't believe it, and of course their famous macaroni and cheese that is creamy and delicious. The spicy pork sandwich is another thing that is on our radar. We just love it. The beer selection is one of the best around too, and do not even think about ignoring their delectable dessert menu! Good stuff!


13744 Rockland Rd, Lake Bluff, IL 60044, Phone number (847) 362-0157

Perennially thought of as a great place in the Green Oaks area that Chicago Party Buses always recommends to our customers. Why? Because it's so fabulously old school, so relaxed and cool, and with such a huge menu of old time favorites that you'll never be able to resist. They have fish and chips that we have just gone crazy over so many times, and we're also really big fans of their sandwiches, as well as their hamburgers and cheeseburgers. The best days to come in are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, because that's when they offer all-you-can-eat fish! Seafood lovers will rejoice. The homemade soups are also very highly recommended. Deserving of a seal of approval!

Jake Moran's Bar & Grill

57 S Lake St, Mundelein, IL 60060, Phone number (847) 566-5152

Locals know it's the areas most wonderful burger joint that gets rave reviews across the board from anyone who goes there as well as our inner circle of friends and family and party bus staff! It's actually located in an old house, and we think that lends it just the best old fashioned vibe in the world. Dinner is the prime time to stop in, and you'll enjoy filling up on unbelievable food and also sipping all their specialty cocktails from the full bar. We would very highly recommend ordering one of their hamburgers and choosing grilled onions as a topping. Can't go wrong with that! The fries are great and so is the slaw! Great service too.

Prairie House Tavern

2710 Main St, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089, Phone number (847) 415-2255

This restaurant is sort of a hybrid between a cozy dive bar and a family restaurant, and though that might not sound too congruent at first blush, you'll find when you visit that it's just too perfect for your Chicago Party Buses trips in the Green Oaks area! Based on our trips it would seem the ideal days to visit would be Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, and you'll really enjoy playing your favorite hits on the juke box and taking advantage of their happy hour prices too! The fried green beans are a must-have as far as we're concerned, and we'd very highly recommend that you give their pizza, burgers, and wraps a try! Love it to death here!