Saban's Place

9507 Joliet Rd, Hodgkins, IL 60525, Phone number (708) 354-5588

A great restaurant and bar in the Hodgkins area for Chicago Party Buses customers who are seeking a really good time is Saban's Place. They divide the place into a dining area and a bar area, which is very convenient for choosing your ambiance based on your mood and party size! The restaurant is very friendly for all-ages and there are lots of families who come to enjoy the fresh salad bar and yummy prime rib and duck specials! The bar side is cozy and great for conversation with your fellow party bus traveling friends. There are TVs here so you won't have to miss the game and the best times to come in are lunch or dinner any day of the week!

Buck's Pit Stop

6501 Kane Ave, Hodgkins, IL 60525, Phone number (708) 588-0095

Buck's Pit Stop is a cool restaurant and bar in the Hodgkins area that has a NASCAR theme going on, so if you are a race fan, you'll definitely want to take your Chicago Party Buses group there! It's easy to miss this place as it's hidden away on Kane Avenue off of Joliet, but make an effort to find it and enjoy it, as it's very nice! They have exciting items here that you won't find elsewhere, namely the deep fried green beans that we cannot get enough of! The homemade chips are also really delish and we're in love the the fried pickles too! Of course it's not all about the deep fried here... they also have amazing burgers and even mini-burgers that are just too good!

Salerno Pincente

9301 W 63rd St, Hodgkins, IL 60525, Phone number (708) 354-0099

If you're out in Hodgkins with Chicago Party Buses and you've got a craving for some really delicious Italian food, why not check out Salerno Pincente? It's a beautiful environment in which to dine, and they also offer up a very nice bar area that you and your party bus group will certainly want to take advantage of. One of our top recommendations here is the baked crab legs which are just too irresistible, and the grilled calamari definitely gets a shout out from us too! If you're more the type to order something classic and traditional, the pastas and pizzas will certainly please you very much. Very delicious and packed with flavor. Nice Caprese salads as well!

Lone Star Steakhouse

9340 Joliet Road, Hodgkins, IL 60525, Phone number (708) 485-7840

If a Texas style steakhouse sounds like the ideal destination for your Chicago Party Buses group in Hodgkins, then take a peek at Lone Star Steakhouse. This is a place that's known as much for its seafood as it is for its steaks, and they have a huge menu featuring lots of American favorites, so there is quite literally something here for everybody in your party bus group. There's always a happy crowd here dining and drinking, so you may have a wait, but you'll likely have reservations for your party bus group so that won't be a problem! The service is always wonderful here and it's very cozy and laid back so you'll feel right at home even if it's your first visit.


9380 Joliet Rd, Hodgkins, IL 60525, Phone number (708) 387-7350

Chain restaurants often don't make our lists of recommendations just because everyone already knows everything there is to know about them, but this Applebee's location happens to be one of Chicago Party Buses' most popular choices for our customers in this area of Hodgkins, so it did make the list! The huge and varied menu is a major perk for party bus groups who have lots of varying tastes. The comfortable environment with your choice of tables, booths, or bar seating is very nice. There's definitely enough room for your groups here too. The great selection of specialty drinks from the full bar is a huge plus as well! Always a smart choice during trips with us!