J&K's Half Moon Tavern

120 W Lincoln Ave, Hinckley, IL 60520, Phone number (815) 286-7303

If you are thinking to yourself, Where's a great place in the Hinckley area to get some yummy bar fare as well as some good stiff drinks when we're out with Chicago Party Buses?, then why not try J&K's Half Moon Tavern, one of our top recommendations for this area? Watching the hockey games here is an absolute blast and they've got so many yummy things for you to eat and drink while you do that. They've got awesome live music here to enjoy, and when that's not happening, you'll be able to enjoy their well-stocked juke box! The service is wonderful here and the ambiance is nice and cozy, atmosphere nice and clean. You'll definitely dig it!

Dairy Joy

435 W Lincoln Ave, Hinckley, IL 60520, Phone number (815) 286-7701

If an ice cream craving happens when you're out with Chicago Party Buses in the Hinckley area, the place that your chauffeur will take you to is Dairy Joy! Of course, they've got more than just that here, as it's a full drive-in filled with all those old fashioned favorites like burgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, malts, and so much more! There are dining areas inside and outside and there's a walk-up window to grab your grub! The milk shakes are a highlight here because they come in many flavors that can be mixed and matched. We love that! They even use real fresh bananas in their milkshakes, which isn't true of everyplace nowadays! Very nice.

South Moon BBQ

100 E Lincoln Hwy, Hinckley, IL 60520, Phone number (815) 286-9227

Barbecue lovers who are planning to travel the Hinckley area with Chicago Party Buses should definitely make a point to check out South Moon BBQ. This is a brand new location as of 2014 and they have a ton of seating here now, so even your largest party bus groups will be more than welcome here, perhaps even without advance notice! Very cool. We love the high counter and the picnic tables are also very cozy and comfortable. Absolutely no pretense here, which is a very good thing. The slabs of ribs are our absolute favorite thing here. You should also make it a point to check out their Sunday brunches! Everything about this place makes it worth recommending!

Brown Pub

200 Somonauk Rd, Hinckley, IL 60520, Phone number (815) 286-3329

If a cool bar and pub is on your list of things to find in the Hinckley area when you're out and about with Chicago Party Buses, then you can cross that one off right now and write in Brown Pub. This place is the best. They've got virtually everything that you could ever dream up on a list of ideal bar items. Large TVs to watch your favorite sporting events in crystal clear HD clarity, a pool table so you can rack it up with your buddies and have some great conversations while you win a game or two, sand volleyball for those who like to get a little more athletic with their game-playing, and even a great patio where you can chill when the weather is warm enough for it!

Schmidt's Towne Tap

107 N Main St, Elburn, IL 60119, Phone number (630) 365-0100

Last but not least, Schmidt's Towne Tap gets a whole lot of love from Chicago Party Buses customers in the Hinckley area and we would not hesitate to recommend it to you when you're coming through this area with us. They are perhaps best known in this area for their cozy Friday fish frys, and that is always a great time to come in and see what else is going on. Their new beer garden is something that you've simply got to check out if you haven't already. There's a nice beer selection too and it's always served icy cold as it should be. There's a full bar here, needless to say, and they really know how to make a good strong mixed drink for you. Just perfect!