Hickory Hills

The Dirty Sock Bar & Grill

9300 S Roberts Rd, Hickory Hills, IL 60457, Phone number (708) 598-9300

The Dirty Sock Bar & Grill may not have a very appetizing name, but trust us when we say that you will forget all about that once you're inside the establishment! They're really great on all counts. They get the restaurant side of things right as well as the sports bar side of things. The pizza is one of the best loved things about this place, and once you get a bite of that hot gooey goodness, you will understand why! All of our Chicago Party Buses customers just love stopping in here for that, especially when they are familiar with what a gem this is in Hickory Hills! We love the White Sox theme too. It's a large place with more than enough room for you! Love it!

Prime Time

7750 W 95th St, Hickory Hills, IL 60457, Phone number (708) 599-2333

Another good place to watch the game in Hickory Hills with your Chicago Party Buses crew is Prime Time. They've got a ton of televisions packed into this place so that you will have a good view of the game no matter where you sit. They keep the restaurant separate from the bar area, and that's something that we always appreciate! The prices here are quite affordable even though the quality is super high, and that's just great too. What do we love the most here? The burgers! They are super juicy and really thick and good. And they have other great items to choose from too, like the chicken rice and the chicken and dumplings! Open late too!

Xando Cafe

8729 W 95th St, Hickory Hills, IL 60457, Phone number (708) 599-1205

Xando Cafe gets rave reviews from all of our Chicago Party Buses customers in the Hickory Hills area. This is an awesome place to get some truly noteworthy food! Our favorite is the pork souvlaki sandwich. Pair that with one of their sensational coffee drinks and we are truly in heaven! Paninis, delicious wraps, calamari... we could just go on and on about all the great things that they offer here. And for dessert, do not skip their brownie and fudge ice cream cake! It's super indulgent and delicious. They've recently remodeled the place too, so if you haven't stopped in for a minute or more, it's time to get back in there and check it out ASAP!

Les Brothers Restaurant

7730 W 95th St, Hickory Hills, IL 60457, Phone number (708) 233-0333

One of Chicago Party Buses's favorite breakfast joints in the Hickory Hills area is Les Brothers Restaurant! The regulars know it simply as LBR, and we think you'll really fall in love with this place from your very first visit. They've got lots of old fashioned favorites here including fried chicken and incredible mashed potatoes and gravy, and you can also get some more exotic choices like Grecian chicken and some pasta dishes that will just make your tastebuds explode with glee! Lots of incredible desserts as well. They've really got the whole day covered from breakfast to dinner and dessert. Not a full bar here, but they do serve beer and wine. Nice!

Philly T's

9750 S Roberts Rd, Palos Hills, IL 60465, Phone number (708) 576-8142

If you are a lover of a great sports bar that has delicious chicken wings and even fun karaoke nights, you'll want to head out to Philly T's with Chicago Party Buses when you're out here in Hickory Hills! They're under new ownership, though the name has not changed, and it's definitely a real upgrade from the ground up, with much better service and just improvements all around. The two levels are both wonderful, so take your pick. Karaoke is upstairs on Fridays and Saturdays. There's a very nice beer selection so you can pair a cold one with your sizzling hot meal. Open until 2:00 AM every single night of the week, making it your late nite spot!