Harwood Heights

Skores Sports Bar & Grill

6764 W Forest Preserve Dr, Harwood Heights, IL 60706, Phone number (708) 867-6767

When our Chicago Party Buses partygoers want to find a really cool place to hang out, eat some wings, and watch the game in the Harwood Heights area, we always send them to Skores Sports Bar & Grill, no questions asked! If you're familiar with Buffalo Wild Wings, we think you'll find that the wings are very similar to theirs and perhaps even a bit better! The vibe is similar too, very comfortable and spacious, just right for all your party bus groups to hang out and enjoy a night away from it all. They have delicious ribs that you'll certainly want to nosh on in between icy cold beers! Everything about this place is a win. Very highly recommended!

Cucina Biagio

7319 West Lawrence Ave, Harwood Heights, IL 60706, Phone number (708) 867-4641

If you are looking for a really great Italian pizzeria and cocktail bar in the Harwood Heights area, Cucina Biagio is the one that Chicago Party Buses will send you to time after time! This is one of hottest go-to spots in the area, and we know why. It's all about the good food and the incredible service. The prices are quite affordable as well and you'll find that you feel right at home here, even from your very first visit. They will start you off with warm bread and garlic olive oil, which is delish, and we recommend moving straight into the pasta fagioli soup! Too good! Open late every night til 12:30, and extra late until 2am on Fridays and Saturdays!

Di Maggio Cafe

7326 W Lawrence Ave, Harwood Heights, IL 60706, Phone number (708) 867-3447

Another Italian pizzeria that we adore is Di Maggio Cafe, but this is more than just that, it's also a bit of a bakery and dessert stop! Oh, the delights that you will experience here! It's super cozy and comfortable, and you will really feel right at home. There's even a full bar, so you can sip delicious drinks alongside those incredible baked items. Who could ever complain about that? The cannolis have got to be our go-to item, but we've been known to dive into their almond chocolate cookies from time to time too! As far as really noshing, we would opt for the Sicilian salad, the tuna panini, or the seafood pasta alfredo, plus the grilled calamari! Yum!

Fuji Ya

4626 N Harlem Ave, Harwood Heights, IL 60706, Phone number (708) 867-3000

Many of our Chicago Party Buses customers are asking us about Japanese restaurants and sushi bars in the Harwood Heights area, and we always feel very comfortable sending them to Fuji Ya. They've got some of the best food in town, and whether you're new to sushi or an old pro, you will adore everything that you dare to try here. The golden shrimp will absolutely bowl you over, and the spicy tuna will just blow your mind. We're huge fans of the fried rice too! They've even got an all you can eat menu here, which is a very smart option for Chicago Party Buses travelers looking to save dough! Open until 10 most nights and until 9 on Sundays. Love it!

Old Warsaw Buffet Bar & Banquets

4750 N Harlem Ave, Harwood Heights, IL 60706, Phone number (708) 867-4500

A Polish buffet is not something that we'd consider a dime a dozen, so when we find a good one, we recommend it to everyone we know! That is how we feel about Old Warsaw Buffet Bar & Banquets. You can just go wild with all of the incredible Polish offerings that you will find on their buffet, including delicious stuffed cabbage, yummy meat-stuffed pierogies, potato dumplings, cheese blintzes, and even paczkis! Who says you have to wait til Fat Tuesday to enjoy those? The red borscht with dumplings will really bowl you over and you won't be able to get enough of their Alaskan smoked salmon either! Full bar as well. One of the best!