Red's Tavern & Pizzeria

19620 Il Route 173, Harvard, IL 60033, Phone number (815) 943-4951

Chicago Party Buses' absolute top recommendation for our Harvard area customers is Red's Tavern & Pizzeria! We fell in love with this place many moons ago and we just cannot get it out of our minds. It's worth a bit of a jog, or shall we say a cruise on the party bus, as the food is really worthy of awards and the prices are so low you will not believe it! They're very crowded on the weekends so you may want to make reservations for your group if possible! The garbage pizza is our favorite choice and that usually pleases everyone. You'll love the beer selection and the perfectly mixed cocktails that are served here too. Sensational service as well!

Stingerz Bar & Grill

703 E Diggins St, Harvard, IL 60033, Phone number (815) 943-4800

Stingerz Bar & Grill is a low-key type of place, a dive bar slash sports bar, where you can come in for some super cheap burgers, some really fast service, and the kind of dive bar atmosphere that just about anyone can appreciate. We think you'll be quite pleasantly surprised by how good the food is here, much better than what you'll find at most dive bars. The prices for drinks are so low it ought to be a crime! You can't complain about the fact that the sexy bartenders wear short shorts here either! Lots of eye candy, and ear candy too, since they've got a great DJ who plays all the current hits and your old faves too. Lots of fun here!

Bopp's Tavern

103 E Front St, Harvard, IL 60033, Phone number (815) 943-7033

Bopp's Tavern is a neighborhood favorite for Chicago Party Buses travelers in the Harvard area. This is the kind of place where you'll see everybody you know if you are from this area, and you'll notice that everybody knows each other if you're not! No matter what, you'll feel right at home. Very Cheers-esque, at least for this part of town. We love the ice cold beers and the piping hot fish sandwiches. It just doesn't get any better than that! The potato wedges are also really delicious and always a good choice. You'll definitely be treated to good service here no matter what time of day or what day of the week you come in! One of the greats.

Jimmy's Patio

69 N Ayer St, Harvard, IL 60033, Phone number (815) 943-1600

Jimmy's Patio is another popular spot in the Harvard area and Chicago Party Buses customers don't go crazy over this one for no reason! The one dollar beers on Friday nights definitely draw a huge crowd and you'll have lots of fun mingling and conversing with everybody. There's a pool table in the back where you can play a game or two while you talk to your buddies, and there's quite a lot of space here even for your larger party bus groups. They have delicious gyros here that we would very highly recommend! You'll love the old fashioned vibe here, coming from the fact that it was a diner back in the '20s. Too cool. Definitely a Chicago Party Buses fave!

Golden Rolls

1409 S Eastwood Dr, Woodstock, IL 60098, Phone number (815) 308-5099

Golden Rolls is a sushi bar that also has a lot of entertainment options for your Chicago Party Buses groups, and we think you'll just love this one when you're coming through the Harvard area. The mini golf, arcade, and batting cages are right next door and that's just great for those who want to have a little fun, but let's talk about the food, shall we? The crab rangoon roll is a really unique one that we haven't seen elsewhere, and we absolutely love all of their appetizers, including the oyster kaki and the tuna tataki. The rolls are quite large here, so more Americanized than traditional, but few hungry Chicago Party Buses travelers would complain about that!