Great Lakes

Samuel Adams Brew Club and Restaurant

2601E Paul Jones St, North Chicago, IL 60088, Phone number (847) 688-6946

Samuel Adams Brew Club & Restaurant is a smart choice for all of our Chicago Party Buses travelers in the Great Lakes area. Who doesn't love a great Sam Adams brewski? Complete your fandom experience right here. They've got a downstairs restaurant and an upstairs bar, and that really gives you the best of both worlds in a very convenient package. The view of the lake is absolutely beautiful, and we recommend visiting early in the day or around sunset so you can really soak that up and enjoy it. The food and drinks are both sensational here, and the ambiance is something to be noted. Very pleasant all around and highly recommended!

Lake House

525 Rockland Rd, Lake Bluff, IL 60044, Phone number (847) 295-7140

Lake House is by far one of Chicago Party Buses' favorite restaurants in the Great Lakes area of Illinois. If you're there for breakfast or brunch, you will go wild with all of the offerings that are laid out on their omelet and waffle stations! My, my, my! So delicious, you'll be in brunch heaven. They've got wonderful specials here on a daily basis too, including very often delicious items like barbecued ribs or melt-in-your-mouth crab legs! Who could ever resist that? There's a bar area here too as well so that you can get your drink on and enjoy the evening with your Chicago Party Buses crew. Everything's affordable, delicious, and impressive here. Top notch!


28 E Center Ave, Lake Bluff, IL 60044, Phone number (847) 295-1000

Innovasi has one of those unique names that really make you sit up and pay attention, and it's not all talk, it really walks the walk! We're huge fans of the open air cafe that is just off the restaurant area, and we think that you and your group might enjoy spending a bit of time there before your meal. After you nosh on all their delectable gourmet foods, you might want to head over to the bar area and imbibe some of their sensational specialty drinks. The service here will really impress you and make you glad that you chose to put Innovasi on your Chicago Party Buses itinerary. This place gets one of our highest recommendations for the Great Lakes area!


13744 Rockland Rd, Lake Bluff, IL 60044, Phone number (847) 362-0157

Rita's gets mad love from all of our Chicago Party Buses customers in the Great Lakes area. They keep it very classic and old fashioned here, with all of your favorites like pub style fish and chips, delicious hamburgers and cheeseburgers, and a full array of delicious sandwiches for you to sink your teeth into. The seafood lovers will want to pencil in Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays as priority days to visit, as they have all-you-can-eat fish on those days! We love that they don't limit it to Fridays like most fish fry joints. This place should be a top choice for you when you're in this area with us, and we can hardly wait to take you there to indulge!

Lake Bluff Brewing Company

16 E Scranton Ave, Lake Bluff, IL 60044, Phone number (224) 544-5179

Another one of our top recommendations for the Great Lakes area of our Chicago Party Buses service area is Lake Bluff Brewing Company. One of our favorite things to do is come in and enjoy a beer flight, sampling all their most delicious brews among our group, and then choosing which one we're each most in the mood for during the rest of the evening. So smart and fun! The people who work here are really some of the friendliest that we've ever encountered in a restaurant setting, and they make you feel like you are at home or visiting close loved ones! Always a nice feeling to have. Very interesting and unique decor and ambiance!