Limos & Party Buses in Graymont, IL

Graymont Party Buses welcomes you! What kind of event is it that you're hosting or attending in this area? We are the number one source for elegant and wild party buses in this area, and we truly look forward to treating you to a sensational time on the road! This part of our service area is covered by the zip code of 61743 and by the area code of 779. Our full service area stretches far and wide, so know that we can take you virtually anywhere you want to go! Give us a call tonight for your free price quote.

Our Graymont Party Buses customers always call and ask where we recommend that they dine and drink while they're with us, and the places that we have found are the best for party bus groups are Bob & Ringo's, Old Log Cabin Inn, Baby Bull's Family Restaurant, Bernardi's II, and Delong's Casual Dining & Spirits. We've put together some reviews of each of these below so you'll be able to take them into consideration when you're deciding on your Graymont Party Buses destinations. We hope this will be really helpful to you in your party bus planning process!

We've got a huge array of events and attractions that we can take you to, truly limited only by the stretches of your own imagination and creativity. We take our customers to a lot of local festivals as well as charity events, and we do a whole lot of wedding-related events such as bachelor and bachelorette parties, as well as birthday and anniversary parties and celebrations at local bars and restaurants Business events and corporate conventions are popular too, as well as tailgating at sporting events for all our Chicago sports teams! Again, there are no limits. Just let us know where you want to go.

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Check out all of the luxury fleet vehicles of all sizes that we have available for all of your quickly upcoming events and occasions.

Our vehicles will make a huge impression on you and we can't wait for you to take a look at them! Whether you want to take the virtual tour on our vehicles page or come and view them in person at our brick-and-mortar establishment is completely up to you! And we can ether choose the right vehicle for you based on number of guests and event type, or you can make that decision yourself.

The exciting features that keep our customers coming back for more are the plush seating that makes conversation so comfortable, the built-in bars that you can stock with whatever drinks you like, the booming sound systems with the bass that you crave, the HDTVs that please your eyes and take care of your entertainment needs, and of course our dark tinted windows for privacy during your rollicking party bus trip!