Grand Ridge

Jr's Bar & Grill

2048 State Rt 23, Grand Ridge, IL 61325, Phone number (815) 249-5259

Jr's Bar & Grill is a real great spot to hang out with your Chicago Party Buses friends when you're in the Grand Ridge area with us! Located in an old house, you really get a great historic feel while you're there. Nothing ever seems to change here, and we say that with love. We think the decor is perfect just as it is, a throwback to the good old days. They've got some very nice food for you to choose from, including delicious pork tenderloin sandwiches and yummy cups of chili that we just go wild for. They've always got great ice cold beer on tap for you. Not a wild nightspot by any means, but a laid back cool neighborhood bar. You'll adore it!

BASH Burger & Sushi House

215 W Jefferson St, Ottawa, IL 61350, Phone number (815) 434-2274

BASH Burger & Sushi House is a really fun spot to chill and enjoy yummy food when you're out with your Chicago Party Buses buddies in Grand Ridge. It's a loud and lively spot to spend an evening, and while you may not be able to hear the conversation you're having at times, you'll still enjoy every minute of it! Boisterous and fun, always. The vibe is very trendy, even hipster, and yet it's nice and casual at the very same time. There is a full bar here, of course, so you'll be able to sip your favorite cocktails while you hang out and enjoy the evening. Foodies are right at home here with the incredibly eclectic menu and drink selection!

Corner 230

230 W Madison, Ottawa, IL 61350, Phone number (815) 434-0000

A great American restaurant in the Grand Ridge area for our Chicago Party Buses customers is Corner 230. You will absolutely fall in love with the cool and trendy atmosphere here, and when it comes to the incredible food that you will be served, you'll just go full-on head over heels! The sweet potato fries are a must-have no matter what else you order here. If you're a fresh salad lover like we are, you certainly should give the pear and bleu cheese salad a try. The flavor just pops and it's so impressive overall. The tapas selections that are offered here are just perfect for your Chicago Party Buses groups. Try the sangria with ginger beer and OJ! Wow.

Shakers Lounge

121 W Stevenson Rd, Ottawa, IL 61350, Phone number (815) 433-2110

Shakers Lounge is a very cool sports bar in the Chicago Party Buses service area that we really think you will enjoy trying out when you're out here with us! Late night is the time to be here, especially since they're open until 2:00 AM every single night of the week and on weekends. There's a ton of space here for your bigger groups and there's just so much for you to do here. Video games are a great throwback to the good old days and they're not just for the kiddies anymore! The juke box is lots of fun and there are plenty of televisions so you can catch the game while you're there too. Yummy chicken fajita wraps and pork tenderloin! Love it so much!


2973 Hwy 71 N, Ottawa, IL 61350, Phone number (815) 433-2540

Hank's is a really fun American restaurant that's conveniently located for our Chicago Party Buses travelers in the Grand Ridge area. This is a prime dinner spot and there's even a full bar so you can sip all your favorite drinks while you dine. They have a wonderful salad bar that's just packed to the hilt with homemade goodness, and everything is so amazingly fresh. The fried chicken will definitely drive your tastebuds wild! The Sunday buffet is a real reason to head out there when you're with Chicago Party Buses, wrapping up a sensational weekend with a truly impressive spread of tummy-filling goodness! Very highly recommended to you!