Yard House

1880 Tower Dr, Glenview, IL 60025, Phone number (847) 729-9273

Yard House beckons to hungry Chicago Party Buses travelers, inviting them in for the really enjoyable dining and drinking experience that they're after. The onion ring tower is a great thing to start with and so fun to share with your party bus group! Of course you'll want to choose a great beer from their wide selection too. The sweet potato fries with maple syrup bacon dip will blow your mind and the burgers with bearnaise sauce are also noteworthy! Really great ambiance and atmosphere here, super clean and nicely decorated, and also fantastic service. Enough said!

Grandpa's Place

1868 Prairie St, Glenview, IL 60025, Phone number (847) 724-1390

The name alone immediately evokes a sense of old fashioned quality with that name, and what you'll find when you visit with Chicago Party Buses is that's exactly what you get! This is a great place for party bus groups to have lunch or dinner, and the fact that they've got a full bar for you to enjoy is just a major perk. The overall feel here is that of a neighborhood bar. We love the hot wings as well as the juicy hamburgers and the reuben sandwiches. This is a really superb to enjoy a quick bite or just to enjoy some time out with your friends during a Chicago Party Buses trip!

Ju Rang Fusion Grill

611 Milwaukee Ave, Glenview, IL 60025, Phone number (847) 657-7200

Ju Rang Fusion Grill is a sensational place to nosh on some of the best Korean food that you have ever tasted! The interior of this restaurant is really beautiful and impressive, with plenty of privacy thanks to the dividers between the booths, and the dim lighting makes it very mellow and relaxed too. We love that you can just press a button to call your server. How 21st century! We love the whole chickens in various flavors here! Corn, garlic, and barbecue are just so good! The corn cheese is also purely supreme and we can't say enough about the strawberry soju! A Chicago Party Buses fave!


1820 Tower Dr, Glenview, IL 60026, Phone number (847) 729-9463

Flight is a gorgeous wine bar where you and your Chicago Party Buses group can enjoy some of the finest wines and most incredible dishes. You'll be treated to such delicacies as duck confit truffle macaroni and cheese and even chicken francaise! Just incredible. They have a huge array of specialty cocktails that you won't want to pass up, including one called Forbidden Flower that we just know you'll adore. Of course you'll pay a heftier price for this kind of gourmet meal, but it will be worth every single penny. Best nights? Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. You will love Flight!

Glenview House

1843 Glenview Rd, Glenview, IL 60025, Phone number (847) 724-0692

Glenview House is a bar and gastropub located on Glenview Road between Pine Street and Railroad Avenue. It's casual yet upscale here, with an old fashioned yet trendy vibe that pleases just about everybody! The back half of the week are the premier evenings to join them to have the maximum fun here. They've got a really impressive selection of beers and microbrews, and they've even got half price whiskey flights on Tuesdays! They've got a lot of great bar food to choose from including really tasty potato skins and great spinach and artichoke dip. So much fun to be had here! Love it!