Benchwarmers Pub

103 W Locust St, Fairbury, IL 61739, Phone number (815) 692-2741

Benchwarmers Pub is famous for their bottle-cap-behind-the-bar game where you try to toss your cap in, and if you make it, you win a free beer! The more drunk you get, the more you think that you'll be able to pull that off, and maybe you will get lucky! The drinks are cheap enough to begin with though and the service is just great here. The ambiance is typical dive bar/sports bar, but kept nice and clean and well decorated, and the hamburgers and onion rings are just excellent here. Definitely a great recommendation from Chicago Party Buses for our customers to visit when in Forrest and Fairbury!

Bob & Ringo's

221 W Madison St, Pontiac, IL 61764, Phone number (815) 844-6500

Bob & Ringo's is one of those old fashioned bars with trophy animals lining the walls, with plenty of cheap beer to be had and great conversation with the regulars and the bartenders too. They've got a regulation-sized shuffleboard setup here, which is plenty of old fashioned fun for everyone in your Chicago Party Buses crew, and they've even got some poker machines here now, replacing the pinball machine that never worked right anyway! There are dart boards as well. Plenty to do here, that's for sure! There's zero food here however they are cool with you grabbing some from local restaurants and they've got menus ready for you too!

Ne's Place

19 S Green St, Piper City, IL 60959, Phone number (815) 686-2333

Ne's Place is perhaps most famous for being an old bowling alley, with the signs of that still prominent when you visit. The gutters are filled in but the lanes are still plainly visible and that really adds to the natural ambiance of this space. It's easy to overlook this place because it's hard to find and hard to tell that it's even open, but it is! Look for the Busch beer sign on the side of the building and enter through that door, or simply enter through the restaurant. This is an awesome place to cool off on a hot summer day, just luxuriating in that A/C and sucking down cold brewskis all night long!

Old Log Cabin Inn

18700 Old Route 66, Pontiac, IL 61764, Phone number (815) 842-2908

A local legend that our guests often ask us to take them to when they're coming through the Forrest and Pontiac area with us. It's along historical Route 66, which is a major plus in and of itself. "Small town" captures the vibe here just perfectly. You'll feel like your chauffeur drove the party bus into a time warp when you enter this place! The food is just superb here, including the breakfasts, and the crowds that gather here are generally locals rather than passers-through, which is nice. A little more authentic. Fully stocked bar and TV for sports, so it's a great time day or night!

DeLong's Casual Dining & Spirits

201 N Mill St, Pontiac, IL 61764, Phone number (815) 844-1983

A great place for when you are taking older relatives out to dinner, not that younger people won't enjoy it, quite the opposite, we lead with older folks because this place has a classic feel. The prices are not too high and the service will remind you of the kind that you used to get at a good family restaurant back in the day. They've got nice soups and chicken pot pie here as well as delicious buffalo chicken sandwiches and hamburgers. The butter and garlic ribeye is definitely the top thing that comes to mind when we think about what to recommend to you! Just a very nice restaurant that's suitable for family get-togethers and chill-out sessions with friends too. Plenty of nice times to be had at this place!