Limos & Party Buses in Deerfield, IL

Deerfield Party Buses welcomes you! We're your top choice for excellent party bus travel in this area that covers the zip code of 60015 and the area code of 847. We just love serving up these mind blowing vehicles to our customers for all types of events, ranging from weddings to nights out on the town, from proms and homecomings to business and corporate events. There's really no limit to what we can do or where we can take you, and every party is better with Deerfield Party Buses! Call us today for a free price quote with zero obligation.

New Deerfield Party Buses customers always want to know where the best places are to dine and drink with their friends while they're in the area. We'd like to recommend a few favorites to you: Trax Tavern & Grill, DC Sarnies Restaurant, Bobby's Deerfield, WildFish, and Boston Blackie's. We've visited these ourselves and they're also the places that our customers request most often when they're traveling with us in this area. At the bottom of this page, you'll find our personal reviews of these places for you to consider when you're putting your Deerfield Party Buses itinerary together.

Now, when it comes to the types of events and attractions that we can take you to, the sky is truly the limit! Some of our customers are planning a truly once in a lifetime event like their wedding day or their teen's prom. Others are just wanting to have a flawless night on the town with their friends to celebrate a birthday or just because! Then we've got our business and corporate customers who are often attending meetings or conventions with their colleagues and/or clients. And of course there are our sports fans who want to tailgate on a completely new level at the Cubs, White Sox, Blackhawks, Bulls, and Bears games! We are versatile!

See Our Fleet

Check out all of the luxury fleet vehicles of all sizes that we have available for all of your quickly upcoming events and occasions.

Just as versatile as we are with the types of events that we serve, we also offer up a wildly varied fleet of vehicles, with one that will surely serve your needs. There are smaller buses and then truly gargantuan ones, and ones comfortably in between that might be just right for your particular party. There's cozy seating in each bus and plenty of room to get up, walk around, and dance!

Speaking of dancing, there are hard wood floors in every vehicle just for that purpose, and premium sound systems that hook up to your smartphone so you can access all your favorite playlists! Our HDTVs are another exciting entertainment feature! And how about those built-in bars that we stock with ice and cups for you? Bring whatever you like to drink, alcoholic or non!