The Still Bar & Grill

2 Jefferson, Dana, IL 61321, Phone number (815) 854-2233

The Still Bar & Grill is not a place that the Chicago Party Buses staff has had the pleasure of visiting ourselves yet. However, many of our customers have requested this one over the years and they have all told us that it's a wonderful place to relax and enjoy a night out. They tell us that the prices for drinks and food are super cheap here and that the service is always great. Delicious bar fare, good strong drinks that are never watered down, and the kind of casual ambiance that party bus groups always fall in love with. What more could you want? Check this one out next time you're with Chicago Party Buses!

Petri's Pour House

436 N Chestnut St, Minonk, IL 61760, Phone number (309) 432-2332

This joint is known just as much for their delectable pizza and burgers as they are for their ice cold brewskis! Saturdays are the best night to come in to this one and you'll always enjoy watching the game here or just listening to your favorite songs on the juke box. This is one of those friendly neighborhood bars that Chicago Party Buses customers just fall in love with. They've got Bud Lite on tap for just two bucks every single day! Can't beat that! You'll never find better service than this at any of the dive bars around here and the vibe is just so fun yet relaxed. Good times to be had here!

Mona's Italian Foods

202 N Main St, Toluca, IL 61369, Phone number (815) 452-2303

Italian food is one of the top requests that our chauffeurs get from Chicago Party Buses customers, and when those customers are traveling in the Dana and Toluca area, our chauffeurs usually recommend Mona's Italian Foods! We're huge fans of the old fashioned sign that hangs out front and that also makes it instantly recognizable to all of us who love it. You'll find that the food is of the utmost quality here and that the prices are surprisingly reasonable for it. We love the dinner specials and we always go wild for the tortellini. There's plenty of room for party bus groups but reservations are recommended!

Steve's Boardwalk Tap

124 N Chestnut St, Wenona, IL 61377, Phone number (815) 853-4563

We don't have a whole lot of information on Steve's Boardwalk Tap as this is only recently becoming a favorite of our party bus groups, but because so many different parties have asked us to take them here that we felt we couldn't leave it off our list of recommendations for the Dana and Wenona area, something good is happening there! It's conveniently located on North Chestnut Street and we love the small town vibe that the location brings to it. The locals are absolutely in love with this place and so are tons of our Chicago Party Buses customers. For a quick drink that's incredibly cheap and stellar service too, give this one a try!

Capponi's Restaurant

302 N Main St, Toluca, IL 61369, Phone number (815) 452-2343

For more delectable Italian food in the Dana and Toluca area, Capponi's Restaurant is simply a must-visit! Dinner is surely the best time to pay them a visit, you will have a great time here and you'll definitely want to do so when you're out here with Chicago Party Buses! It's not just about the food here though, the fully stocked bar is hopping, it's actually pretty lively and loud here! Tons of fun to be had. You can even watch the Bears or Cubs play on TV while you're there, or for the workaholics, get a little work done via their free wi-fi! The chicken and ravioli is our favorite thing to order here. Simple and delicious, always done right!