At The Office Sports Bar & Grill

4901 Cal Sag Rd, Crestwood, IL 60445, Phone number (708) 388-5520

At The Office Sports Bar & Grill is an exciting location to visit when you are out celebrating with friends and family, sipping delicious and affordable drinks and noshing on some of the very best bar food around. Lunch, dinner, and late night are the best times to come in and the best days are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The boneless wings are incredibly hot and spicy and just filled with flavor. They have really delicious seasoned fries here as well! The reuben sandwiches are one of our favorite things and the barbecued pulled chicken sandwich is also noteworthy! Incredible service too. Highly recommended!

Louisa's Pizza & Pasta

14025 S Cicero Ave, Crestwood, IL 60445, Phone number (708) 371-0950

Those who are traveling in luxury and comfort with us in the Crestwood area and craving hearty Italian fare and pizza should give Louisa's Pizza & Pasta a try! It's conveniently located on South Cicero Avenue, just south of Midlothian Turnpike, so it's very convenient and easy to get to. There's lots of space for groups here and it's a clear perk that they have a full bar. You'll be able to chill out and watch the Bears and Cubs play on TV or just put your full attention on diving into one of their mouth watering deep dish pizzas! Some of the best food in this area, without a doubt!

Nonna's Pizza

13636 Cicero Ave, Crestwood, IL 60445, Phone number (708) 239-4200

Nonna's Pizza is another one of the most popular places to grab a slice for many of our customers and we know it will be one of yours too! So many of our customers ask us to take them there when they're with us in Crestwood. They've got both delivery and take-out here, just perfect for your party bus trips, and it's nice to dine in and enjoy watching sports on TV too! There's no bar here however, but the gelato more than makes up for that! You will not believe how much pizza you get for your dollars here! We love both the thin crust and the deep dish! Can't go wrong either way!

Mitch's Pub & Eatery

13815 Cicero Ave, Crestwood, IL 60445, Phone number (708) 597-2415

For your late night eats and drinks in Crestwood, a visit to Mitch's Pub and Eatery with Chicago Party Buses is just what the party doctor ordered! In the summer time, when the weather is good, the outdoor patio is really incredible. It's huge and able to accommodate large parties with out any problem, so long as you call ahead for truly big parties, making it just perfect for the times that you're on the road with us. It's a ton of fun gather with friends to catch your favorite teams here and it's also nice to come in on the holidays, especially St Paddy's Day, to enjoy the specials and the holiday vibe. Huge menu too! All around excellent.

Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon

4949 Cal-Sag Rd, Crestwood, IL 60445, Phone number (708) 239-0900

Chicago Party Buses rarely recommends chain restaurants just because everybody is already super familiar with them, but since so many of our customers ask us to take them to Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon in Crestwood, we figured we should include it on this page! The prices are very affordable and the portions are always so generous here! It's not overwhelmingly loud here as it is at some other restaurants that are open as late as this one. It's nice to chill out at the bar and enjoy the company of your loved ones. You can't go wrong with any of the steaks or salads here. Great pumpernickel too!