1215 Blackhawk Rd, Dekalb, IL 60115, Phone number (815) 517-1740

Fanatico is a really cool place to hang out in the Clare and Dekalb area. This Italian café offers a full bar, casual ambience, TV to watch the game, and plenty of room for groups. The food is absolutely exceptional. The menu is just huge. The waitstaff is always happy to explain the dishes to you and point you to one that you'll really enjoy. The prices can be a little bit high here, but it's totally worth it. Very nicely decorated, the servers are exceptionally friendly, and the food is just fantastic. All of the pasta is delicious, especially the ones with meat sauce and marinara sauce. You'll really enjoy the sangria as well as the other specialty drinks. Try the cannoli and tiramisu! Chicago Party Buses customers just love this place!

Inboden's Meat Market

1106 N 1st St, Dekalb, IL 60115, Phone number (815) 756-5852

Inboden's Meat Market is a seafood market, meat shop, and deli. This is definitely a unique place to get beer, wine, and vittles for your party bus trip. The prices for everything are very affordable here. This is a favorite local butcher with the people that live in this area, and the people who are passing through with Chicago Party Buses love to stop in for the wine and beer selection. The porkchops are absolutely excellent, as are the hamburgers, and the bratwurst. All of the products and services at this market are exceptional. Parking can be difficult, but you won't have to worry about that when you're with us. The catering is excellent for party bus parties and events.

Starbusters Bar & Grill

930 Pappas Dr, Dekalb, IL 60115, Phone number (815) 756-3438

The name Starbusters reminds us of a certain coffee shop but this is a whole different world. Starbusters Bar and Grill offers TV so you can watch the Bears and Cubs play, happy hour prices to keep your wallet happy, and a mixture of jukebox, DJ, and live music. The best nights to come in are Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. You'll also enjoy the outdoor seating area. They do offer delivery and take out, both of which you may want to partake in on the party bus. The food is great here from the greasy onion rings to the super cheap drinks. Of course the pizza is excellent here. You'll also want to try the root beer floats and the Freddy Krueger! Two dollar Jaeger bombs on Thursday is awesome too! A Chicago Party Bus favorite!

Bea's Wok N Roll

1402 Sycamore Rd, Dekalb, IL 60115, Phone number (815) 756-1660

This is such a cool place to get Vietnamese food, including delicious spicy chicken curry and pork sandwiches. We love the egg rolls! All of the noodles are excellent here. The health conscious travelers will appreciate the fact that they can work within your dietary needs. The service is really excellent here. They always have daily specials that are exciting but they sell out really quickly so get there early if you want to try them. The name might make you think that this is Chinese food and sushi, but no, this is straight up Vietnamese fare. Chicago Party Buses customers really love this place and we know that you will too.

China House

1900 Sycamore Rd, Dekalb, IL 60115, Phone number (815) 748-0032

China House is a huge Chinese buffet, featuring a Mongolian barbecue grill and sushi bar. Many people come here specifically for that Mongolian grill, and it really is excellent. On the buffet you'll find all of the classic favorites that you love, in addition to a lot of American choices including macaroni and cheese and pizza. They have a whole section of seafood for those who love it and a lot of vegetarian items too. Unfortunately crab legs are no longer part of the menu but we think the new sushi bar more than makes up for that. The prices are super affordable here, and we love the casual vibe. Chicago Party Buses customers will love this one!