Cedar Point

Ninth Street Pub

253 9th St, La Salle, IL 61301, Phone number (815) 223-8960

Ninth Street Pub is an awesome little spot, tucked away on 9th Street between Lafayette and Creve Coeur. Chicago Party Buses customers enjoy the cool vibe here, the TVs to watch the game, and the fact that there's plenty of room to shake your booty to those juke box hits and live numbers too! There's a nice outdoor patio where you can relax as well, when the weather is forgiving! The weekends are very loud and boisterous here, so if you want a quieter time, try them on a weekday. The bartenders are super friendly and always ready to partake in some good conversation with you!


1519 Water St, Peru, IL 61354, Phone number (815) 220-1744

Brandy's is a fabulous steakhouse and overall one of the best restaurants in the entire Cedar Point and Peru area of Illinois! Chicago Party Buses customers always point their chauffeurs to Brandy's when they want to have a really memorable and delicious meal. Brunch is a real highlight here but dinner is the usual time that our customers head over there. It's not very large, so perhaps better for your smaller party bus groups, but it is just wonderful. Our favorite thing here is the roquefort wine sauce! Incredible. There's a full bar with very friendly and knowledgeable bartenders too. Fantastic!

Right Spice Supper Club

2102 4th St, Peru, IL 61354, Phone number (815) 223-9824

Right Spice Supper Club is a really unique offering in the Cedar Point and Peru area of Cedar Point. It's lively and fun with a full bar and TVs so you can watch sports while you're there. The fact that this place is family owned and operated is just another plus in our book. It's simple and nice here, kept clean and decorated simply. We love the prime rib and the scallops the best and we're also big fans of their salad bar, as are many of our Chicago Party Buses customers! The fried fish is also sensational here and certainly worth a try! Reservations are recommended for party bus groups!

Genghis Khan Mongolian Grill

521 1st St, La Salle, IL 61301, Phone number (815) 224-2828

A Mongolian style grill is always a great option for Chicago Party Buses customers because each person in your party can craft their own dinner and have it grilled up right in front of them, to perfection! This is great for the aspiring chefs out there as well as for those who have special dietary needs. You won't believe how low the prices are here! They've got much more than just beef, chicken, pork, and shrimp. They've also got lamb, Asian sausage, fish, scallops, squid, and even Spam! With their rice and tortillas, you can even concoct a fajita creation of your own design! We love it!

Uptown Grill

601 1st St, La Salle, IL 61301, Phone number (815) 224-4545

Uptown Grill is one of the nicest restaurants you'll encounter in the La Salle and Cedar Point area. They've got wonderful Tex-Mex items here as well as truly delicious juicy hamburgers. The prices are pretty affordable here considering how classy and nice the restaurant is and how high quality the food is! There's a full bar here too so you can enjoy all your favorite cocktails with your meal. Our favorite things here? The bacon wrapped pork chops are one of the major highlights here and we're also in love with every single one of their delectable burgers! Fish tacos are superb too!