Burlington Party Buses welcomes you! We're the number one source for your finest party buses in the Burlington area, and we just cannot wait to get out the road with you. We really enjoy the customer service aspect of our business, delivering a high quality experience for you from start to finish. When you call, with just a few pieces of information from you, we'll be able to calculate your free price quote! Zero obligation, and you can take your time and compare prices if you wish. Burbank is in our service area and is covered by the zip codes of 60109 and 60140, and by the area code of 847. Where are you headed, and can we take you there?

Now, the first thing you'll likely ask us when you call is, "Where are the best places to dine and drink when I'm with Burlington Party Buses?" Well, we've got a short list of favorites that we tend to recommend! And those are Art & Alma's Dining, PJ's Courthouse Tavern & Grille, Porter's Pub, Cruisin', and The Point Bar & Grill. These are just great places to hang out with your friends and get a good meal and some libations! Reviews follow below.

There's no shortage of events that we serve in the Burlington area either. We do all the typical party bus events such as weddings and bachelor parties, anniversary parties and birthday parties, nights out with the girls or the guys, bar hopping, club hopping, etc., as well as winery and brewery tours, and even sightseeing events! Additionally, we do a lot of tailgating travels for our sports fans in the area, including the Cubs, White Sox, Blackhawks, Bulls, and Bears. We've got you covered for business events and corporate conventions too!

See Our Fleet

Check out all of the luxury fleet vehicles of all sizes that we have available for all of your quickly upcoming events and occasions.

Have you had a chance to look at our fleet page yet? Oh, we hope you have! We've really got an impressive array of vehicles for you to choose from, ranging from the party buses that you're familiar with which seat up to 36 passengers to the slightly smaller but perhaps even more impressive Hummer limos which seat up to 20! We're really in love with all our vehicles and we know you soon will be too!

Now, no matter which vehicle you choose, you can be sure that you'll be treated to the utmost in fine features. We have dark tinted windows for your privacy, plenty of leg room and even room to dance in our party buses, seating that wraps around the perimeter for easy conversation with your friends and loved ones, and of course glowing lights and HDTVs in addition to premium sound systems for your complete entertainment while on the road!