Chuck's Southern Comforts Cafe

6501 W 79th St, Burbank, IL 60459, Phone number (708) 229-8700

Our top recommendation in Burbank has go to be Chuck's Southern Comforts Cafe! Chicago Party Buses customers request this one on a constant basis, to the point that our chauffeurs don't even need you to give them the address for it! They've got some of the very best barbecue and other delights that you'll ever find in the area, including rib tips that we can never get enough of, incredible Mexican-inspired breakfasts that will really make your tastebuds happy, and sweet potato pancakes that will drive you out of your mind with pleasure! Really great service and ambiance too. Highly recommended!

Durbin's Pizza Restaurant & Lounge

5406 W 79th St, Burbank, IL 60459, Phone number (708) 423-1523

One of the cheapest places for Chicago Party Buses customers to dine and drink in the Burbank area is Durbin's Pizza Restaurant & Lounge. The options here are pretty standard in terms of what you'll find at a bar... burgers, pizza, ice cold beers. We love the sports bar vibe and the wonderful service. It's really simple and not fancy at all here, definitely a dive bar, and if you can appreciate that, then you'll enjoy yourself here. It's primarily about those incredibly cheap drinks and that's the biggest draw! The karaoke is awesome on Wednesdays too, certainly worth stopping in for! Lots of fun!

Tic N Tin Tap

7107 W 79th St, Burbank, IL 60459, Phone number (708) 599-6399

Tic N Tin Tap is another cool dive bar in Burbank that Chicago Party Buses customers enjoy on a really regular basis! It's a great place for party bus groups to stop in and shoot some pool and enjoy some great conversation with the regulars. They've got a great juke box here where you can listen to all your classic favorites including Johnny Cash. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best nights to come in and enjoy that small town dive bar vibe. Conveniently located on West 79th Street between Nottingham Avenue and Neva Avenue. One of the coolest little dives, by far!

5640 W 87th St, Burbank, IL 60459, Phone number (708) 424-2780

Delta Lounge fits in that dive bar category as well... clearly that's something that the Burbank area does right! As with the others, this one is insanely cheap. The real highlight here is that it's open until 2:00 AM every night of the week except Saturdays when they're open until 3:00 AM! It's a night owl's dream! Plenty of room for Chicago Party Buses groups to come in and watch the Bears games. There's a pool table here too so you can shoot a little pool with your buddies and enjoy chatting while you rack 'em up. This is sort of a hidden gem in Burbank that we're happy to introduce you to!

Mattson's Steak House

8150 S Cicero Ave, Burbank, IL 60459, Phone number (708) 424-5884

Mattson's Steak House isn't one of those fancy steakhouses that you'll find in downtown Chicago. This is a simpler and more stripped down neighborhood version of that, akin to Ponderosa and other casual steak houses. Despite that, the food is really good, and the fact that the prices are considerably lower than those downtown joints is a major plus when you're trying to save money while traveling with Chicago Party Buses! You might also enjoy the fact that they've got a bunch of arcade games for you to enjoy here! Hard to believe they're still working after all these years, but they are. How cool!