Limos & Party Buses in Broadview, IL

Broadview Party Buses welcomes you! What kind of event is it that you're hosting or attending in this area? We'd love to be the ones to serve your needs here! Whether it's a group of 20 or a group of 36, or even multiples of that in multiple vehicles, we're here to take good care of you and take you wherever you need to go. Broadview is covered by the zip codes of 60155 and 60546 and by the area code of 708. Is Broadview Party Buses gonna be the one to take you there? We hope so. Let's talk more about our business.

When first time customers first get in touch with us about their events, they often want to know what the best places are to dine and drink in the Broadview Party Buses service area. We've put together a concise list of our favorites -- the ones that we personally enjoy as well as the ones that our customers love -- and below you'll find that list along with reviews of each one. The faves that made the list are Sawa's Old Warsaw Restaurant, Tipster's Village Pub, Chef Shangri-La, Goldyburgers, and FatDuck Tavern & Grill. We just love all of 'em!

It's important to note that we serve all types of events in and around the Broadview area. That means elegant events such as weddings and anniversary parties, wild nights out like bachelor and bachelorette parties, charming winery and brewery tours, celebratory parades and festivals, youth events like proms and sweet 16 parties, and even sporting events like going to see your favorite team play, whether that's the Cubs, White Sox, Bulls, Bears, or Blackhawks! There's no local party bus company that's better equipped to take you to all of the above.

See Our Fleet

Check out all of the luxury fleet vehicles of all sizes that we have available for all of your quickly upcoming events and occasions.

We'd be so happy if you'd come down to our lot to see our vehicles in person and really choose the one that appeals to you the most, but we know that many of our customers are short on time. That's why our office staff is so well versed in choosing the most ideal vehicles for your needs. Some need a 20-passenger Hummer limo and others need a 36-passenger party bus! We've got a few 30-passenger party buses, but each one has its own features and is more ideally suited for certain types of events.

But what do all these amazing vehicles have in common? That glowing ambiance, the wraparound seating, the exciting entertainment features like premium sound systems and HDTVs, and of course the built-in bars that everyone just loves! These vehicles are fully insured for your protection, inspected before and after each and every trip for your safety. And you'll have a pro chauffeur to keep you completely safe on the road.