Anyway's American Grill & Pub

304 W Army Trail Rd, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, Phone number (630) 351-8870

A nice traditional pub is to be found at Anyway's American Grill & Pub. They have some really incredible food that Chicago Party Buses customers are always raving about, including but certainly not limited to fish tacos, cheese fries, black beans, buffalo wings, and even cinnamon ice cream! Now we're talking! This is a really fun place to enjoy the bigger sporting events during the year, including the Super Bowl! They really do it right. The beer selection is nice and they're always generous with the liquor in the cocktails too. This is a drinkers' and a diners' paradise!

Fox & Hound

370-410 W Army Trl Rd, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, Phone number (630) 295-9626

Fox & Hound has always been a cool place to spend the evening, especially on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays when the atmosphere is lively and the specials are off the hook! They've got one of the biggest beer selections in the area right here and you'll also enjoy kicking back and watching the game on any one of their many TVs while you're there. There are pool tables in the back room in case you want to show off your skills! Darts too. If you'd rather watch the sports than play them, they've got tons of large televisions and projectors here for your enjoyment! Such a fun spot!

Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant

369 W Army Trail Rd, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, Phone number (630) 894-9088

Though Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant has one of the most generic names we've ever heard, there's nothing generic about what you'll find within those four walls! They've got sensational white tuna and spicy yellowtail here. If you're a lover of the mayo-smeared sushi that's popular in the Chicago area, you will find some nice choices in that vein right here. The service is just superb too and they always serve the green tea and miso soup nice and hot, as it should be. They're very consistent and you can tell that they really have an eye for quality here. They're not open too late, so make a reservation and arrive early!

Legends Sports Grille

170 E Lake St, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, Phone number (847) 230-4589

Legends Sports Grille is one of the best places to come in to watch the game or to step out and enjoy the patio when the weather beckons you! Tuesdays and Saturdays are the most recommended nights to come in. You'll love the fact that they've got plenty of TVs, wi-fi, and even an excellent juke box for your enjoyment. There's no happy hour here, but since the prices are already pretty affordable here, it's not necessary. The burgers on pretzel buns are just sensational and we can never get enough of the cracker crumb pizza crust! Too delish. Top it with barbecued pulled pork and you're good to go!

Rooster's Barn & Grill

122 W Lake St, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, Phone number (630) 307-9995

Rooster's Barn & Grill is a cool spot with a cute name! Chicago Party Buses customers recommended this one to us so many times and now we find ourselves recommending it to our new customers when they ask for good places to go in Bloomingdale! They've got a huge array of delicious things to choose from on the menu, including but definitely never limited to the blue cheese burgers, cobb salads, fried chicken, and fried fish! The fries are fresh and delicious here and we're obsessed with their chipotle mayo. We could go on and on about this one, but just take our word for it and try it yourself!