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Travel beyond the Windy City

Party Bus Chicago in the Suburbs

Downtown Chicago isn't the only spot in the area that is filled with attractions, events, and celebrations! Party bus Chicago suburbs offer just as much potential as the eternally busy downtown area of Chicago. Here are some of the best destinations in the surrounding areas to consider adding to the itinerary of your trip that is using professional transportation. There's something for all interests to enjoy, from architecture to animal attractions. Whether you want to check them all out or stick to a couple spots, we are totally familiar with all parts of Illinois and would be more than happy to take you there.

Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture

Brookfield Zoo

31st Street and First Avenue in Brookfield

There are big cats, bears, dolphins, penguins, primates, bison, wolves, amphibians, wombats, giraffes, kangaroos, rhinos, and more to observe here. They're open every day of the year from 9:30 AM to 6 PM which is incredibly convenient, especially for those who are traveling to the area. Plus, the Brookfield Zoo hosts live concerts through out the summer, so it is the perfect time to visit. There's so much to explore here with yourself and the family if you choose to bring them along.

Chicago Botanic Garden

1000 Lake Cook Road in Glencoe

This botanic garden is a sight to behold! Tours can be customized to your interests, and admission is absolutely free for groups. There are nine island within the 384 acres of four natural habitats and nearly thirty gardens. There are classes and events held here through out the year. You can check out their website for a weekly list of what will be in bloom if you have a favorite flower. There are also two different dining areas, and one is a beer garden.

Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture

951 Chicago Avenue in Oak Park

If you're a fan of architecture, you're already familiar with the genius of Frank Lloyd Wright. This isn't the only one of his creations in the Chicago suburbs, either. It's a good idea to reserve a Party Bus Chicago suburbs to make sure you're able to view all of them! There are three different locations in Oak Park alone. You are sure to be inspired after viewing a few of these majestic pieces of art work in person. You can even go a step further and set up actual tours of the homes.

Ravinia Park

100 Ravinia Park Road in Highland

This is the premiere outdoor destination for concerts. It hosts entertainment from both small and large acts! You can bring your own food and drink, but there is also a new bar in addition to the one that has already been here for years. There's also a carousel for the children and a sculpture walk for those who are interested in art. This is one of the best places in the state to relax and enjoy live entertainment with the company of loved ones surrounding you. We make trips to this destination all of the time and love taking our Party bus Chicago suburbs clients here!

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