Teke's Lounge

113 W Main St, Streator, IL 61364, Phone number (815) 672-4906

To summarize Teke's, it would be best to point out that if you love neighborhood bars that are akin to Cheers, packed with regulars, and always with a warm and friendly staff there to greet you and tend to your needs, then Teke's is the kind of place you'll enjoy. If you haven't had a chance to patronize this bar, be sure you make time to give Teke's Sports Bar & Grill a try. Chicago Party Buses customers request this one often and they always report back to us that they had a wonderful time while they were here. Teke's cooks up delicious food, mostly standard bar fare, for you to enjoy and they serve a wide variety of drinks so you'll always get to enjoy a beer that's ice cold or a perfectly mixed cocktail to pair with that food! The friendliness of the staff is really one of the main highlights of this place. You'll certainly feel right at home from moment one.

Mojito's - CLOSED

116 N Bloomington St, Streator, IL 61364, Phone number (815) 672-4001

What a one-of-a-kind place this is! Mexican and Italian food lovers, don't hesitate to step in and try Mojito's on Bloomington Street when you're in Streator/Blackstone with Chicago Party Buses! Mojito's is known for their unique blend of Italian and Mexican cuisines and the fact that they excel at both! The food is seriously delicious and you're going to quickly become a regular customer. The prices are quite affordable here and you just won't believe the quality of the food and drinks. Rosie is the woman who runs the place and she will also often be your server, and you'll be very lucky if she is! She's wonderful. Your meal will always start with crisp chips and fresh salsa, as well as a creamy tomato based soup. The salads, soups, and fajitas are the items that we are most in love with here, only rivaled by the unbelievably juicy and delicious margaritas! You simply cannot make a wrong choice on this menu. Top notch!

Rentz's Tap & Dining

210 S Waupansie St, Odell, IL 60460, Phone number (815) 998-2383

If you love supporting locally based and family-owned businesses, Rentz's Tap & Dining is one that you should check out. Located in Odell, so convenient for your Chicago Party Buses trips in the Blackstone area, this one is really a must-visit. This family friendly establishment is nice and large for groups and they've also got a good sized party room that you can rent out for your private parties or business luncheons. Rentz's has got you covered for entertainment as well; they've got a huge flat screen TV that you can enjoy for the games or for the local news. In terms of the food, they've got plenty of delicious items, but we'd recommend the steaks or the pizza! Especially the pizza - it doesn't get any better! Their amazing food and friendly service have made them a staple in the local food scene! They've been going strong for decades and we hope they always do!

The Bullpen

1014 Johnson St, Streator, IL 61364, Phone number (815) 510-9465

This is one bar we can't get enough of! The Bullpen is a bar of fun, with a great variety of beer, darts, casino games, and tons of TVs! They're also very well known for their BBQ! BBQ burgers, BBQ cheesesteak, BBQ burritos, BBQ egg rolls, BBQ fries, BBQ nachos, BBQ salmon, and plenty of other incredible options. To drink, don't miss out on their specialty drinks, like Smoke On The Water, and Fire In The Sky, the Barn Door, and their moonshine drinks like Neon Moon, Dark Side Of The Moon, Sour Grapes, and the Jailbird! The atmosphere is comfortable country bar and BBQ place, with friendly service. The food is amazing, and full of that smoky flavor all great barbeque has! The service is friendly, and the the drinks are always filled, so don't miss out on a night of great food and drink at The Bullpen! And don't forget to try your luck at darts!

Jr's Bar & Grill

2048 State Rt 23, Grand Ridge, IL 61325, Phone number 815-249-5259

How could we describe this awesome bar? A classically simple bar and grill located on Route 23 that is a real home away from home for many of the locals. This is the kind of old fashioned place that you simply cannot find in the big city anymore, or really anywhere! The exterior looks remarkably like a house, so it's easy to miss unless you keep an eye our for the sign! They've got a nice menu of dishes to select from here, from cold subs, fish and chips, and tasty chili. We're partial to the chili with chips, and it goes great with an ice cold beer. The beer is limited to basic domestic choices, like you might expect from a little country bar, but it's nice and icy cold as it should be. This is definitely one of the more unique choices around here in terms of ambiance, so be sure to give it a try when you're passing through! We know you'll enjoy the friendly atmosphere and homey setting.

Boxseats Bar & Grill

104 S Everett St, Streator, IL 61364, Phone number 815-672-9300

Boxseats is known for being one of the best places to catch the game in Streator/Blackstone. It also happens to be one of the best places to nosh on delicious hamburgers! They're so fresh and delicious, really piled high with fresh toppings including the crispest lettuce and the thickest and tastiest slices of tomato. It's very clean and tidy here, which is something that all the customers really like, as would be expected. Who wants to go from a super clean bus into a dusty dive bar? Not you! The happy hour prices are excellent and it's just so fun to watch the game here! Yummy appetizers too! The burgers are by far the best in the area, cooked to perfection and served with crisp lettuce and tomato, and it's a super satisfying choice with a beer and the TV turned into the game! In the bar you can enjoy arcade games, but if you're not looking to hang in a bar, you can also enjoy their lovely dining area with a full menu and fresh salad bar.