De Campana

229 W Grand, Bensenville, IL 60399, Phone number (630) 595-1241

Next time you're traveling with Chicago Party Buses in Bensenville, you'll certainly want to stop in to De Campana to enjoy some of their deliciously hearty Mexican food! The salsa and chips are excellent, so fresh and tasty. We're also huge fans of their enchiladas with green sauce! Mmm! They've got some of the lowest prices in town and you can feed a party bus group for a surprisingly low total here. Even the drink prices aren't too high! We're absolutely in love with their margaritas here. The decor is just beautiful, especially in the entryway, which sets the tone for the evening. Love it!


801 N Rt 83, Bensenville, IL 60106, Phone number (630) 766-0441

Perk's is a mix of a diner and a bar, with a full bar on the premises where you can enjoy really great drinks that are nice and cheap too! Chicago Party Buses customers love to stop in and enjoy the fried fish on Fridays or the steak sandwiches any day of the week. There's nothing fancy about this spot whatsoever... it's simple, stark even, but they take care of business and they do it right. They're quick with the service and very friendly too. Well-lit in the daytime thanks to ample windows, that's a big difference from most bars, and you may appreciate that! Perk's is always consistent, always good!

Eggroll Crunch

11 W Main St, Bensenville, IL 60106, Phone number (630) 557-9699

Eggroll Crunch is one of the coolest spots around, just filled with delicious treats to enjoy, and really on a whole other level than most Chinese restaurants! The sweet red bean eggrolls are one of our favorite things to enjoy here and we're also in love with their green onion pancakes! They've got excellent crab rangoon too, or if you want something really sweet to calm that sweet tooth of yours, try the egg custard buns or the deep fried Snickers! What a cool spot! It's quiet and casual here and they've got TVs and takeout too. Nice and cheap as well! Open until 9:30 PM Wednesday thru Sunday, closed the other days of the week!

Cancun Mexican Restaurant

220 N York Rd, Bensenville, IL 60106, Phone number (630) 350-1660

Another one of Chicago Party Buses' favorite Mexican restaurants in Bensenville is Cancun Mexican Restaurant. You won't believe how low the prices are here and the fact that they've got a full bar is yet another perk. It's true that there's not much to look at here, in terms of ambiance and decor, but the food is truly on a much higher level than anything else around here! So darn good. The lunch buffet is a smart choice for party bus groups and at the time of this writing you can enjoy it for less than $7 per person! Wow. The chips and pico de gallo are a highlight here as well! Top notch.

Two Chefs Cafe & Catering

3 South Center St, Bensenville, IL 60106, Phone number (630) 766-6030

Two Chefs Cafe & Catering is a nice establishment to rely on for your larger parties with Chicago Party Buses. They can take care of you either on a more intimate basis in the cafe or on a larger basis with the catering side of their business. They've got sensational coconut shrimp here that's just off the hook in terms of flavor! The skirt steak skewers are also really excellent and we've enjoyed their burgers and fries many times too (sweet potato! mmm!). It's a very charming place from top to bottom and we know that you will enjoy yourself here, time after time. One of the very best.