Stacy's Cafe

845 Mannheim Rd, Bellwood, IL 60104, Phone number (708) 544-6636

Stacy's Cafe has one of the best atmospheres around, especially when you're traveling with your closest friends with Chicago Party Buses and you want to really enjoy an incredible dinner together in the Bellwood area. We'd highly recommend the steak to you as well as any one of their yummalicious homemade entrees. Everything on the menu is excellent, served piping hot, and with real care. It's super clean and nice here and it's not too expensive either. Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays are the best nights to come in. There are TVs to watch sports and wi-fi for your phone or tablet. Nice!

Tipsters Village Pub

8839 W Cermak Rd, Riverside, IL 60546, Phone number (708) 447-4020

Tipsters Village Pub is another one of the most comfortable places that we could ever recommend to you in the Bellwood/Riverside area. Chicago Party Buses partygoers are always wanting to stop in for their famous garbage salad or for a nice hearty party melt on rye with their delectable cottage fries. Of course this is a full bar establishment, hence the name, and they've got a nice array of beer, wine, and spirits for you to choose from while you're there. You'll enjoy sports on TV as well as either DJ or karaoke music! The happy hour prices will certainly help to lift your spirits as well!

Mickey's Drive-In

635 Mannheim Rd, Bellwood, IL 60104, Phone number (708) 547-7866

Mickey's Drive-In may not fit the traditional definition of a drive-in, but we love it anyway. You just walk up to the counter and order your food and sit right there at the counter to enjoy it, or just pile back on the party bus with your Polish dogs or hot dogs and enjoy them as you cruise! Now that's OUR definition of a drive-in! The Polish deep-fried is a real standout item here and we also love the Italian beef! Chicago style is at its very best here. Nice burgers too! The service is quick and friendly and they're open late at night too, perfect for after-bar noshing! Very popular with Chicago Party Buses groups!

Emilio's Tapas

4100 Roosevelt Rd, Hillside, IL 60162, Phone number (708) 547-7177

Oh, we could go on and on about the food at Emilio's Tapas! There's a reason that this place garners so many rave reviews and that it's so popular with our Chicago Party Buses customers who are traveling in the Bellwood/Hillside area. It all comes down to the ambiance, the service, and the quality of the food. The garlic potato salad is one of our favorites and we've also recommended the bacon-wrapped dates many times! They've got sensational beef tenderloin here as well and we've gone wild over the goat cheese and marinara dip as well. Don't skip the sangria, it's fresh and delicious!

M R Submarine

4019 Butterfield Rd, Bellwood, IL 60104, Phone number (708) 544-1007

Another one of our favorite casual spots in the Bellwood area is M R Submarine! It's conveniently located on Butterfield right between Frederick and Highway 45 and it's just great! The late-night drive thru is really a sensational addition, especially after a late night at the bars! The sandwiches are truly highly quality here with fresh bread and real mayonnaise. We're huge fans of their cheese sticks and pizza puffs as well, all crave-worthy food when you're leaving the bar and wanting to soak up some of that alcohol with some carbs to prevent the next-day hangover! Good stuff, Chicago Party Buses fans!