Fireside Grille

1121 Dixie Hwy, Beecher, IL 60401, Phone number (708) 231-6215

If you're heading out to the Beecher area with Chicago Party Buses, a wonderful lunch spot to consider is Fireside Grille! This cozy little small town restaurant is so welcoming. You feel right at home from the first moment that you step through the doors. The Chicken California is one of our favorite dishes to enjoy here and we love all of their sandwiches and salads too. They've got a nice selection of beers as well and those pair very nicely with a huge order of their mouth watering barbecued ribs! Great loaded baked potatoes here as well! Don't skip the sliders either. As we said in the '90s, it's all good!

Jason's Pub

1361 Benton St, Crete, IL 60417, Phone number (708) 672-6864

Jason's Pub has a pretty generic name and yet a very memorable dining and drinking experience attached to it! They've got some of the best burgers in the Beecher/Crete area and even some amazing fried chicken that will tempt those tastebuds of yours! They've got great soups and sandwiches here as well, a nice menu that goes a little bit beyond the typical bar and pub fare. The take-out is very good to take advantage of for your Chicago Party Buses travels as well. The music is provided by an excellent juke box and there's plenty of room to dance too! TVs to watch the game as well. No happy hour but super cheap!

Lighthouse Restaurant

7501 Constitution Ave, Cedar Lake, IN 46303, Phone number (219) 374-9283

Lighthouse Restaurant gets the gold star out of this group of places to visit, and it's so wonderful and popular that we strongly recommend reservations, especially for your Chicago Party Buses groups. They've got some of the best garlic mashed potatoes that you'll ever taste here, not to mention out of this world crab cakes and steaks that you won't be able to resist! They've got a really nice wine list that's small but well-chosen, and as wine lovers we really appreciate that. You will too! It's gorgeous here with plenty of windows to let in the light in the daytime and the sparkle at night! Intimate and romantic!

Burrito Station

1358 Main St, Crete, IL 60417, Phone number (708) 672-4900

Cheap and incredible Mexican food in the Beecher/Crete area while traveling with Chicago Party Buses? Of course that's not hard to find! Burrito Station is the place you'll want to go. The tacos al pastor are our go-to item but we've tried just about every single thing on the menu and we can confirm that it's all incredible. This is a teeny tiny place but that's not a problem when you're just grabbing some delectable take-out to enjoy on the party bus! The enchiladas are sensational here and the guacamole will send you straight to cloud nine. Very highly recommended by the whole Chicago Party Buses staff!

Northwoods Saloon

968 E Steger Rd, Crete, IL 60417, Phone number (708) 672-1167

Northwoods Saloon has always been a great spot for Chicago Party Buses customers to let their hair down and enjoy some good stiff drinks. They've got some of the best appetizers that you will ever taste, and a really nice array of them, including their famous bobbers and cheese curds! Deeeee-lish! Lunch and dinner are just sensational here, especially if you are a lover of comfort food like we are. You'll enjoy the meatloaf, the fish and chips, and the pot roast, for sure! The chicken fried steak is also a highlight, just as good as what you'd find in Texas! TVs for the game and wi-fi for your phone. Nice!